Our global research network

Our engineers and technicians around the world are working on the ongoing development of the combustion engine and its auxiliary components, as well as alternative drive systems such as electric motors and fuel cells. These specialists are also working on issues relating to integrated thermal management within the vehicle and researching solutions for improving the sustainability of systems and components.

Operational research and development work is currently driven forward at 16 major development locations around the world as well as numerous regional competence centers. They are located directly in the globally strategic markets—in Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Brazil, China, India, and Japan. Their main tasks relate to core topics such as fuel efficiency, clean air for emissions and in the cabin, and durability. Solutions are also found for local customers that are tailored to the specific requirements of the market. Exchange takes place regularly between the MAHLE development locations. New research results and findings are discussed jointly and efficient technology transfer is ensured for internal projects.

MAHLE also cooperates with numerous external research associations, societies, and universities around the world. The transfer of knowledge between industry and science, as well as research activities that extend beyond the borders of the group help to unlock additional potential for developing more efficient vehicle technologies. MAHLE concentrates on the optimization of not only passenger cars but also heavy-duty commercial vehicles and large engines.