Air conditioning for passenger cars

The level of climate comfort experienced in today’s vehicles is already at a high level and will continue to rise in the future. However, vehicle air conditioners have more to offer than just a comfortable ride. They also play a key role in terms of safety. In addition to keeping the driver comfortable and alert, the air conditioner also dehumidifies the cabin air, thus preventing windows from fogging up.

We develop HVAC systems for all market segments—from subcompact cars to premium passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Our engineers work continuously to enhance HVAC system efficiency by employing optimized heat exchangers and state-of-the-art electrical components. A further key objective is to minimize weight. In combination with the battery cooling system in electrified vehicles or with the engine cooling system—e.g., through the integration of a coolant-cooled condenser in the low-temperature circuit—, ever more complex systems emerge, which we are able to master perfectly with our networked validation tool.