Piston systems for commercial vehicles

The commercial vehicle segment is fundamentally very sensitive to costs. A fleet operator for long-distance hauling bases purchasing decisions on transportation efficiency. Besides the vehicle price, ongoing operating costs play a decisive role, fuel consumption being the most crucial.

Efforts to reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions, however, will not be solely driven by cost pressures in the future. After the EU decided to limit the average CO2 emissions for light commercial vehicles to 147 g/km starting in 2020, regulations for heavy-goods vehicles are also foreseeable. The power density requirements for the engine, and thus the loads on the components, will continue to rise.

MAHLE develops pistons made from various materials and in different designs for the heavy-duty segment. Pistons from MAHLE, for example, withstand peak cylinder pressures of over 220 bar and allow commercial vehicles to reach a service life of well over a million kilometers when properly combined with other components. The application scope ranges from engines for vans to heavy commercial vehicles.