Extensive development expertise from the market leader

The Large Engine Components profit center collaborates closely with leading engine manufacturers from the marine, rail, industry, and power generation sectors to develop new components and systems for modern and efficient engines. The range of products extends from pistons, piston ring sets, and piston pins, to cylinder liners, valves, valve seat inserts and guides, to power cell units as customizable complete systems.

Cylinder liner

Cylinder liners

MAHLE cylinder liners cover a wide range of requirements. We can offer the right product for every engine with piston diameters of up to 460 millimeters. And we have the right material for every customer requirement. All of them are extremely robust and have low wear. The liners are produced in a centrifugal casting process and typically supplied as ready-to-assemble components. In addition to made-to-print parts, we offer individually adapted liners, such as those with cooled liner flanges and deep-hole bores with special cylinder lubrication. Our comprehensive finite element analyses improve load capacity, deformation properties, weight, and service life.

Piston pin

Cylinder pins

They are used in four-stroke engines with piston pin diameters of up to 150 millimeters. The MAHLE product range fulfills the highest standards of quality, precision, and diversity of applications. Our engineers are constantly working to reduce the weight and wear of piston pins.

Piston rings

Piston rings

The right piston ring pack for every engine: our product range includes compression rings and oil control rings in various designs, profiles, and technologies. Our piston rings are suited to all types of combustion engines with cylinder diameters of up to 320 millimeters. MAHLE piston rings are manufactured from cast iron and steel using the latest technologies, and their performance is optimized by means of high-quality coating processes. Rings made of base casting material with chromium ceramic coating and steel rings with chromium nitride PVD coating are available. PVD-coated rings exhibit extremely low wear and lubricating oil consumption, while the wear resistance is high.

Aluminum pistons


As the largest piston manufacturer worldwide, our portfolio includes a variety of product and material choices: cast or electron-beam-welded aluminum pistons and composite pistons with aluminum, nodular cast iron, and steel skirts. Composite pistons are screwed to piston crowns made of forged steel—a material with an excellent track record. Steel pistons are available not only with a screwed connection but also in friction-welded or high-temperature brazed variants. The MAHLE piston range for large engines includes products with diameters of up to 580 millimeters.

Power Cell Unit

Power Cell Units (PCU)

The power cell unit (PCU) consists of the piston, piston pin, piston rings, and cylinder liners. Power cell units are developed as complete modules. They offer particularly high functionality and efficiency because the individual building blocks are optimally coordinated. This saves time and costs—especially during the development phase. Nonetheless, all individual components can be tailored to the respective requirements. We can thus offer our customers the greatest level of flexibility while simultaneously providing the advantages of an integrated overall system.

Valves, valve seat inserts, and valve guides

Valves, valve seat inserts, and valve guides

In conjunction with valve seat inserts and guides, valves form a self-contained system, which must be able to withstand the highest loads. MAHLE intake and exhaust valves are available in forged and hot-extruded versions. Depending on the application, they are hard-faced, hardened, nitride, or chrome-plated. Valves that are exposed to particularly high peak cylinder pressures or temperatures can be produced as sodium-filled valves.