Laboratory of analysis on mathematical modeling and numerical simulations

This group has the goal of using the CAE ("Computer-Aided Engineering") tools for the modeling, analysis and optimizing of components and systems in order to reduce the time and cost of the development projects, besides reducing the number of prototypes produced and tested.


Through the use of finite elements tools, CFD, dynamics and 1D modeling, the group acts in several work fronts which are summarized in the figure below.

Numerical simulation
Main areas of activity:StructurePerformanceFluid / Acoustics
Main results:
  • static and dynamic structural analysis
  • piston dynamics
  • pressure drop calculation
  • life calculation
  • rings dynamics
  • speeds distribution
  • fatigue analysis
  • bearings simulation
  • mass balance
  • valve train kinematics and dynamic
  • port noise ("airborne noise")
  • engine lubrication system modeling
  • engine performance

Some examples of CAE tools and their typical applications can be visualized next.