Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Technological Center has a sanitary wastewater treatment plant and an industrial wastewater treatment plant.


The sanitary wastewater treatment plant consists of an anaerobic reactor of ascending flow, an aerobic reactor, sand and coal filters with posterior ultraviolet disinfection.


The industrial wastewater treatment plant was built to meet the needs of the Technological Center’ Laboratories. The use of chemicals for the preparation of baths, general analysis, metallographic attacks, among others, is diverse, and it is necessary to have a line outside the sanitary wastewater treatment plant which can adapt to the constant changes of the wastewater.


Thus, we have a holding tank which receives the washing water from the laboratories, a reactor tank for the wastewater treatment, a filter press and a reservoir tank to store the treated water.


After the treatment, the water is reused in the toilet flushing, firefighting reserve and cooling tower.