Components Test Laboratory BU1

The Components Test Laboratories BU1 acts as a support for the development of new materials and designs of the respective business unit (BU1), sintered materials and external customers, characterizing and/or selecting the best versions in study and evaluating proposals by means of tribological and or dynamic tests.


For the tribological tests of components materials, the laboratory is able to evaluate the following properties:


  • scuffing
  • wear
  • friction force.

For the dynamic test of the component:


  • tension-compression fatigue
  • rotating fatigue (hot or cold)
  • contact fatigue (axle/bearing).

The laboratory executes the tests based on international standards or internal standards/procedures developed for specific MAHLE applications.


If it is necessary, the laboratory is also capable of developing new procedures for special applications, making adaptations to the available equipment.


All the results obtained in the tests are statistically evaluated for the mathematical basis of the respective conclusions, granting robustness to the evaluations executed, which will be published in technical reports and made available to the MAHLE community.