Research & Development

The Technology Center installed in Jundiaí stands out for its results in Research & Development and focus in sustainability.


Due to investments of R$ 60 million, the MAHLE Technology Center installed in the city of Jundiaí in 2009 has stood out as an innovation pole for the automotive industry. The Brazilian unit works with the development of all the products from MAHLE's global portfolio and it is globally in charge of the lines of piston ring, cylinder liners and filters for applications in Flex—Fuel engines.


Its infrastructure for R&D is composed of 13 dynamometric cells, modern equipment of material characterization and coatings - including a scanning electron microscope - and several testing equipment for internal combustion engine components. The unit has 190 employees, including 85 engineers – several of which possess Master’s degrees and PhDs – has developed 21 new products in the last three years, and more than half of these is generating new businesses.


In the last five years, the Brazilian unit of the MAHLE Technology Center has deposited 27 requests for patents – 10 of which in 2010 – reflecting a strategic positioning of focus in innovation as a response to the 2009 crisis. Still in 2010, 18 articles were published in international congresses and journals of the automotive sector.


The focus of the MAHLE Technology Center is the development of components and technological solutions for internal combustion engines, aim at the reduction of friction, emissions and fuel consumption. These objectives are met with advanced simulation and project tools and a cutting-edge structure for the development of new materials and processes. Among the former, we can highlight the development of: vacuum plasma process for the deposition of wear-resistant ceramic coatings, low-friction nanostructured coatings (nanotechnology), surface treatments by means of laser process, lead-free materials for bearings and coatings by flame spray process.


R&D and sustainability


The concern with sustainability is impressed in MAHLE’s DNA. Since its foundation, when this matter was not in question at the market, the company maintained actions dedicated to the preservation of the environment. “The choice of the location for the installation of the MAHLE Technology Center, the project and operational management of the building, located inside an environmental protection area of 125 thousand m2, demonstrate the concern of having the sustainability as a pillar of the development of products which contribute to the reduction of emissions”, affirms the Global Technology Director MAHLE, Ricardo Abreu.


According to the executive, in the last few years several products developed there received awards of the environmental performance. The product GNS-Flex received honorable mentions at the AEA Environment Award 2010, from the Brazilian Automotive Engineering Association: Making the Flex Engines of the Future Possible; as well as the ring package for CO2 reduction in light diesel vehicles. In 2009, the Ecological Filters also received awards as a success case in terms of innovation from the National Association of Research and Development of Innovative Companies (ANPEI, for its acronym in Portuguese).