50 years of experience with all types of electric motors

E-mobility is the key to CO2-neutral individual transport in the long term. In this field, MAHLE is—once again—one of the innovation drivers. At MAHLE, two key topics are aimed at improving the electric vehicle in order to make it competitive in the medium term and attractive to the end customer.

Thermal management: This encompasses both interior air conditioning, which directly influences the cruising range, and the temperature control of sensitive components, such as the battery, drive motor, and power electronics. When it comes to electric vehicles, the optimization of hot and cold currents provides the basis for power output, cruising range, and service life. Integrated and intelligent thermal management is therefore a prerequisite for establishing e-mobility.

Electric powertrain and electric auxiliary components: In the field of the electric powertrain and electric auxiliary components, MAHLE develops highly efficient drive systems, power electronics, and electric auxiliary components. Solutions for every kind of vehicle: from pedelecs and e-scooters and machinery to commercial vehicles and passenger cars. MAHLE thereby covers the entire e-mobility spectrum.