PTC auxiliary heaters

Today’s fuel-efficient engines do not always deliver sufficient waste heat to enable rapid heating of the vehicle cabin, particularly for cold starts and in certain driving conditions. To keep the windows clear and ensure optimum thermal comfort in these situations, additional heating is provided by electric PTC auxiliary heaters that run on energy from the vehicle electronics. The heaters are available with or without an integrated controller.

High-voltage PTC heaters

High-voltage PTC heaters provide a solution for plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles with range extenders, and all-electric vehicles. In these cases, the powertrain does not generate sufficient waste heat in the electric drive mode to warm up the vehicle cabin. A powertrain-independent heating system capable of delivering up to 7 kW is required to ensure an adequate supply of heat. The high-voltage PTC heater is an energy-efficient, compact, and safe solution for heating the cabins of electric vehicles.