Motors for brake systems

MAHLE motors for ABS and ESC units are designed for extremely high reliability and durability.

They are waterproof and resistant to corrosion. The drives are extremely compact and can be flexibly customized to suit all customer design requirements and specifications. They exhibit low noise and vibration levels and meet all international requirements for electromagnetic tolerance. The magnetic material in these motors is free of heavy rare earth elements. The motors are manufactured to environmentally sound standards in a fully automated process.

Motors for ABS applications are compact, lightweight, and cost-effective. They operate in a performance range up to 135 watts.

MAHLE motors for ESC systems have a high power density due to the use of high-power ferrite magnets. They are extremely compact, yet achieve power outputs up to 350 watts, depending on customer requirements.

If required, a metal front panel can be installed, making the drives exceptionally sturdy. The current version of the motors has a long service life and, with up to 1,000 operating hours, is suitable for all current and future ESC applications.

MAHLE will also soon offer a scalable motor design with a power range of up to 800 watts that will meet all future requirements for driving assistance systems and allow our customers to modularize their units.

For brake boosting with an electric motor instead of a vacuum, MAHLE offers a 12 V mounted SPM BLDC motor. The motor is specifically designed for the needs of an electric brake booster (EBB). The scalable torque output makes it possible to meet individual customer requirements while featuring a robust design and high power density.