MAHLE thermal management: enabler for electromobility

Applying its high-level systems expertise, MAHLE develops holistic thermal management solutions for electric vehicles, which cover interior temperature control as well as thermal management of the technical drive components.

E-mobility will be a key component of CO2-neutral individual transportation over the long term. MAHLE aims to be one of the innovation drivers in this field too. The refined management of the occurring heat flows is the foundation for the performance, cruising range, and service life of electric vehicles.

Greater range with MAHLE thermal management

In this way, MAHLE is creating the basic conditions for the acceptance of battery-powered electric mobility. For interior air conditioning in the winter, MAHLE supplies electric PTC heating elements. MAHLE concepts designed to utilize waste heat from the electric motor and power electronics ensure high energy efficiency—synonymous with extending the electric cruising range in battery-powered electric vehicles. When a MAHLE heat pump is used, the battery range can be increased significantly—by up to 20 percent at an outside temperature of 0°C.

Rapid charge capability with MAHLE battery conditioning

Another aspect of e‑mobility that is relevant to the customer is the battery’s rapid charge capability. Decreased charging time results in increased heat buildup due to higher currents. Protecting the battery from damage in such cases calls for active cooling involving all available cooling circuits, independent of outside temperatures. MAHLE already offers high-performance components that make fast charging functionality possible.