MAHLE power for e-mobility

MAHLE develops high-efficiency drive systems and power electronics for electric powertrains. Systems solutions cover every kind of vehicle: from e-scooters and machinery to commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Thanks to our expertise in electric and electronic components and systems, we can offer integrated system solutions for the future of mobility.

Experience urban mobility in a new way!

MEET: MAHLE efficient electric Transport

Concept vehicle MEET: MAHLE Efficient Electric Transport

MAHLE Efficient Electric Transport (MEET for short) is the city car for tomorrow’s urban mobility. This is how we are actively addressing the current challenges of the automotive industry. Because the requirements and opportunities in this sector are just as diverse as we are—an automotive supplier with a broad profile.


Electronic control units: more efficiency, more driving pleasure, less costs.

Electronic filter systems for safely charging electric vehicles

Electronic filter for safely charging electric vehicles

Electronic control units by MAHLE are key to utilizing the potential CO2, consumption and emissions savings offered by individual components and systems in the powertrain.


MAHLE thermal management: enabler for electromobility

For purely electric vehicles, the thermal management system must be as energy efficient.

Intelligent thermal management by MAHLE

Applying its high-level systems expertise, MAHLE develops holistic thermal management solutions for electric vehicles, which cover interior temperature control as well as thermal management of the technical drive components.