Going beyond standards—quality made by MAHLE

“Good quality is of crucial importance. There is always room for improvement!”

This position of company founder Ernst Mahle still serves as a model for us today.

For our customers, quality means failure-free assembly, satisfied end customers, no product recalls—and thus a strong brand. For MAHLE, quality is a significant factor in our global success. Quality management is fully integrated into all business processes. We have developed an in-house Group standard for quality planning and controlling.

Product development

In order to ensure seamless series production, quality planning during product development and series launch had to be highly effective. MAHLE therefore repeatedly puts it to the test and defines ever more effective standards.


The yardstick for product quality is the quantity of defective parts. We are thus continuously working to monitor the production processes even more diligently and are optimizing the data information flow.

Global problem-solving process

If defects occur, quickly solving the problem is of utmost importance; thereupon repeat defects must be prevented. At MAHLE, customer feedback flows into a Group-wide standardized process. Lessons learned from all of our production locations are used to continuously improve processes.