MAHLE’s principles


As a company with worldwide activities, we are permanently competing for new and existent customers. Daily, we face the great challenge of assuring the existence and continuous growth of our company. Only by reaching ambitious profit objectives we can guarantee the continuity of our independence, and, consequently, of our jobs.

Field of work

As a supplier of components and systems for automotive drives and industrial applications, we have always been a reliable partner to our customers. We develop and manufacture products that are considered excellence standards in all the markets. We want to defend and spread our leadership in the future. It is our objective to conduct the competition at the top.

Customers / Suppliers

Technological leadership, quality, supplies’ credibility and cost optimization are the keys to business success. We struggle every day to satisfy the needs of our customers. Through the continuous improvement of our products and services, as well as our disposition to innovation, we achieve permanent satisfaction from our customers. The search for continuous improvement must be spread to our suppliers. Only together with them we will be competitive in the long run.


Motivated employees are our company’s drive. Thus, we stimulate the responsibility in the job position, as well as the disposition to cooperation among employees, team work and individual efficiency. As a company with international activities, our employees cooperate beyond countries and continents’ borders. We support this cooperation and fair competition among the several companies and units of the group. We angle for a cooperative business culture that maintains open communication and a team-oriented way of working. We understand that occupational safety and health protection as tasks that aim at the protection of our employees.


Our company’s existence, profit and growth are our objectives. The financing required for our assets is done with our private resources and external ones in a balanced ratio, with emphasis to our own resources. In short, we intend to practice a financial policy of liquidity and an exchange policy of low risk and favorable costs which corresponds to the interests of our shareholders. Financial activities must not cause risks. The risks resulting from operational businesses must be limited or extinguished by financial measures.


Following the idea of our company's founders we want to support, with the success of our work, several social projects of our main partner. We are also a reliable partner for the long term projects. The business interests of our main partner are considered through MABEG (MAHLE Beteiligungs-Gesellschaft).


The preservation of our environment is a special concern. Consequently, we care since the development and planning phase of our products and processes for the reduced consumption of resources and the protection of our natural space. Our products meet these requirements both in their production and usage. All employees are committed with the ecological preservation.


We consider the risk knowledge, evaluation, mastery and monitoring as a priority task in management and leadership process. With the integration of risk management into MAHLE’s management system we emphasize the meaning of this task to the company.