The MAHLE Foundation: sustainable results

"Donate today - with the vision for tomorrow"

In 1964, company founders Hermann and Dr. Ernst Mahle transferred 99.9 percent of their ownership of the Company to the MAHLE Foundation and 0.1 percent to MABEG, which was entitled sole voting rights in the corporation. The objective was to take the Company out of the line of succession in order to avoid possible fragmentation. A moderate yet stable distribution of profits to the MAHLE Foundation was to allow the Company to make extensive long-term investments and achieve further growth. It was also intended to ensure sustainable project work of the foundation.

The MAHLE Foundation serves charitable causes—by promoting health care, youth development and welfare, schooling, general adult education and vocational training, as well as organic farming. Its funding priorities have long included the Filderklinik near Stuttgart, where doctors combine modern, scientific conventional medicine with holistic, anthroposophical medicine. Additional focal areas of sponsorship of the MAHLE Foundation are Waldorf education and research projects run by the Witten/Herdecke University.
In recent years, the foundation has expanded its area of activity to the international plane and now supports medical and social projects in many countries, particularly in Brazil.

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