1971—1990: Internationalization

1971Companies grouped together to form MAHLE GmbH
1972Acquisition of shares in Knecht Filterwerke GmbH
1973Acquisition of holding in FISA Fundiciones Industriales S.A., Spain; today: MAHLE S.A.
1974Use of star-pleated filter elements in dedusting technology
1976Aluminum engine blocks made by low-pressure die casting in series
First pistons made of ductile iron (GGG ) for truck diesel engines
1978Foundation of today’s MAHLE Engine Components USA, Inc.
Development of formturned piston pins
1979Acquisition of CIMA , Brazil; today: MAHLE Indústria e Comércio Ltda.
1980Cold extrusion of piston pin blanks
1981Foundation of Metalúrgica Mogi Guaçu Ltda. in Brazil (now MAHLE Metal Leve S.A.)
1983Freely programmable CNC profiling lathes in piston machining
1984Production use of laser welding on valve tappets in the automotive industry
1985HYDROTHERMIK® and HYDROTHERMATIK® pistons in series
Introduction of ecological filter elements
Production of assembled camshafts
1986Acquisition of Técafiltres S.A. and Soparis S.A., France; today: MAHLE Filtersysteme France SAS
1987Acquisition of Mondial Piston S.p.A., Italy; today: MAHLE Componenti Motori Italia S.p.A.
Introduction of FERROTHERM® pistons
1988Composite pistons for large diesel engines with bore cooling
1989Ceramic fiber-reinforced LIQUOSTATIK® aluminium pistons in series