1946—1970: Economic recovery

1948First AUTOTHERMIK® pistons
1951First series-produced CROMAL® aluminium cylinders
Use of newly developed motorsport and racing components
1952Valve tappets in chilled cast iron
Filter systems for noise reduction
Spin-on filters
1955Series production of AUTOTHERMATIK® pistons
First use of paper filter elements in engine peripherals in Europe
1957Series production of camshaft blanks in chilled cast iron
1959Foundation of today’s MAHLE Pistons France SARL
1964Establishment of MAHLE-STIFTUNG GmbH (MAHLE Foundation) and MABEG
1965Rough-cast cylinder liners produced using centrifugal casting
First sodium-filled hollow valves
First hollow-cast camshafts
1967Use of NIKASIL® for engine components
1968Acquisition of Süddeutsche Kolbenbolzenfabrik; today: MAHLE Motorkomponenten GmbH
Start of the cooperation with the Japanese Izumi Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. (takeover in 2003)
1969Acquisition of holding in König KG, Austria; today: MAHLE König Kommanditgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG