Profit Center Large and Small Engine Components

MAHLE is the market leader in the development and supply of large-bore pistons for gas, diesel, heavy fuel oil, and dual-fuel engines. These are driving forces around the world in locomotives, large building machines, ships, power plants and emergency power units. Increasingly complex engines require intelligent, high-quality engine components.

With extensive expertise in development, and one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the industry, the PC Large- and Small Engine Components is partner to all leading engine manufacturers.

We work closely with these manufacturers to develop new materials and new products: for more robust engines that are even more efficient. The optimization of existing components and systems plays an important role here.

The product segment Small Engine Components MAHLE is the largest supplier of pistons and cylinder assemblies in Europe for manufacturers of professional hand-held power equipment, such as chain saws, cutters, grinders. Our engine components also enable motorcycles and leisure vehicles, such as snowmobiles, personal watercrafts, and all-terrain vehicles, to work reliably. In the development of these high-performances, low-emission engines, we support our customers right from the start with modern development tools.