MAHLE, a manufacturer of parts a manufacturer of industrial parts and equipment, considers the Environment, Safety and Occupational Health management a value deployed in its processes and undertakes the following principles:

Responsible, conscientious behavior

We believe that reconciling technical progress and the future of society with our environment is our most important task. We undertake to act responsibly in order to avoid endangering the health and safety of our employees and the environment. Health and safety-leadership and behavior are the responsibility of our managers and employees. Safe behavior is responsibility of our management and employees.

Legal compliance

Compliance with applicable regulations for safety at work, health care, and environmental protection is a minimum criterion.

Conserving resources and energy

Health, safety, and environmental aspects are considered during the development of new products and production processes. Existing products and processes are subject to continuous evaluation and improvement. They are supported with concrete targets, programs and training. This ensures sustainable use of resources as well as an efficient use of energy.

Risk management

The overall goal of risk management is to prevent damaging effects to people and the environment. Risks are identified and evaluated systematically, and necessary actions are taken.

Commitment and partnership

We also share our commitment to safety at work, health care and environmental protection as well as energy efficiency with our suppliers and service providers.


Dialog with our employees, customers, and the public is the basis for trust in our responsible, conscientious behavior.