Corporate citizenship

Already our founders Hermann and Ernst Mahle attributed importance to combining long-term entrepreneurial thinking with social engagement. The dividends of the Group are used to sponsor a multitude of social projects through the MAHLE Foundation. Furthermore, MAHLE itself participates in many initiatives with a high level of commitment. Beneficent projects, donation collections, and charitable actions are often initiated locally—supported by the voluntary engagement of our employees. Taking on responsibility for the common good as a “friendly neighbor” is an integral characteristic of the MAHLE culture.

  • Santa Casa de Misericórdia Hospital

    Santa Casa de Misericórdia Hospital

    Funds from the Group and the Foundation in recent years, as well as the volunteer work of numerous MAHLE employees, have made the renovation and modernization of individual hospital sections possible in the Brazilian city of Itajubá. Additional extensive renovations are planned.

  • Formare schools

    Formare schools

    One of the most important social projects is the MAHLE Formare School in Brazil. At six MAHLE locations, MAHLE employees look after and teach around 130 young people in technical subjects each year. Since 2002, around 1,250 young people, most of them coming from socially disadvantaged families, have made successful transformations. 75 percent subsequently found a job, many of them at MAHLE.

  • Camerata Ivoti youth orchestra

    Camerata Ivoti youth orchestra

    For many years, MAHLE has been supporting Instituto Cultural Ivoti, which is well-known beyond the borders of Brazil and awards scholarships to musicians between the ages of 13 and 18.
    Its “Camerata Ivoti” orchestra tours promote cultural exchange between Brazil and host countries—the ensemble has also played several times at our MAHLE INSIDE corporate exhibition at the Stuttgart headquarters.

  • Educational partnerships with schools

    Educational partnerships with schools

    Many of our locations in Germany cooperate with local schools to provide students an insight into the diversity of the professional world by means of practical projects and to make it easier for them to choose a career. The scope of cooperation is defined as part of the educational partnerships—from internships to factory tours and parents' evenings to job application training or cooperation on projects in MINT subjects.

  • Christmas sales and donation collections

    Christmas sales and donation collections

    In Poland, impoverished children receive school lunches, food and clothing, and presents at Christmas thanks to donations.

    In Germany, the training department has traditionally held a Christmas sales during the Advent season. The development and production of the items presents a new challenge year after year—for both the trainees and the master craftsmen. The revenue is used for social projects.

  • Solidarity with the weak

    Solidarity with the weak

    MAHLE employees provide volunteer services in children's and nursing homes and help international aid organizations with blood and stem cell donations—one example of this is reported from Pune/India: employees regularly donate blood to the Sassoon Hospital under the motto “Save lives, all it takes is a little love.”

  • „Bravo l'industrie!“

    „Bravo l'industrie!“

    “Bravo l'industrie!” is an introductory project for learning about careers in industry that Behr France has been organizing for over 20 years in close collaboration with the industrial union UIMM (Union des Industries et des Métiers de la Métallurgie) and the St. Joseph Institute. Each year, around 20 students at the Rouffach location have the opportunity to get to know the company very well. They are actively exploring a new topic in the field of automobile technology. Quite some career paths have been set with the help of this program.

  • Help for victims of earthquake and flood disasters

    Help for victims of earthquake and flood disasters

    Prof. Junker, Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board, visited the affected MAHLE locations just a few days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which caused the absolute worst-case scenario at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, in order to form a first-hand opinion and to express his condolences. The MAHLE corporate donation was considerably increased by a large number of individual donations from employees.

    This is just one example of the solidarity of MAHLE employees. Donations were made after other earthquake disasters as well, such as in China.

  • Integrative medicine at the Filderklinik

    Integrative medicine at the Filderklinik

    As both shareholder and largest sponsor, the MAHLE Foundation provides substantial support to the Filderklinik near Stuttgart since its foundation. The biggest anthroposophic acute care hospital in southern Germany combines cutting-edge conventional medicine with complementary methods. Other specialist fields include perinatal medicine, integrative oncology, and the internal medicine department with its innovative methods for gastroenterology and abdominal surgery. The department of pediatrics at the Filderklinik also has an excellent reputation in neonatology, infant and child psychosomatics, and neuropediatrics. Their integrated holistic approach integrates methods of treatment such as music therapy, eurythmy therapy, orthopedagogy, and psychological psychotherapy. Parents have an important role to play in pediatrics at the Filderklinik: advising and guiding them in pedagogic, nursing, and medical issues is as much a part of the therapeutic concept here as the opportunity for parents to be with their children around the clock in order to promote the healing process.

  • Formula Student—with MAHLE at the forefront

    Formula Student—with MAHLE at the forefront

    Build a formula race car yourself: a dream come true for participants in the Formula Student competition. This is where students develop, design, and build a formula race car over the course of a year.
    Once it is complete, the individual teams meet at global competitions to present their race cars to a specialist jury from the automotive industry and motorsport.
    The teams compete in static and dynamic disciplines. And the fastest car wins? Far from it! The winner has the best combination of design, race performance, financial planning, and sales pitch.

    Since 2006, MAHLE has been one of the primary sponsors of Formula Student Germany and additionally supports individual teams—some do not compete with classical combustion engines, but opt for purely electric powertrain solutions. Depending on the sponsorship category, we not only provide financial support but offer a mix of various training measures, products, and manufacturing options.

  • iThemba—hope for students in South Africa

    iThemba—hope for students in South Africa

    iThemba—Zulu for “hope”—provides children with a more promising outlook for the future. With our education project in Durban/South Africa, we support mathematics and science instruction at rural schools in the region.

  • Computed tomography scanner for the regional hospital in Krotoszyn/Poland

    Computed tomography scanner for the regional hospital in Krotoszyn/Poland

    A donation from the MAHLE Group enabled the purchase of a new 16-slice computed tomography scanner. The CT scanner that was previously being used was outdated. With the new scanner, the smooth operation of the hospital, which is of utmost importance to the entire region, is guaranteed. In addition, the range of medical services offered can be expanded.